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NPR featured images of Renato and the Lion on their social media channels on June 29, 2017.

Tablet Magazine (1.3 million visitors/month) reviewed online, calling Renato ‘ravishing’ ‘entrancing’! “What makes stories beautiful and exciting? Because without a doubt, Renato and the Lion is both. Don’t miss it.”

★“This love letter to Florence should spur diverse conversations, from art to history to the plight of refugees.”—Booklist, starred review

“Driven by the notion of safeguarding art during military conflict, this debut portrays a wartime reality that is not commonly addressed. A special book and additional purchase that is best-shared one-on-one.”—School Library Journal

“DiLorenzo's often lovely watercolors are best when capturing nature. The endpapers' sun-washed Florence and Renato's dream-ride over the moonlit Ponte Vecchio are lovely...DiLorenzo's careful research yields a touching tale about art's ability to deeply affect both adults and children.”—Kirkus Reviews

“Barbara DiLorenzo’s tale was inspired by a true story and shows how a child’s connection to art lasts a lifetime.”—St. Louis Post-Dispatch

“DiLorenzo lavishes attention on Florence’s architectural treasures, and her buildings glow with warmth…DiLorenzo’s story is simultaneously a historical account of a family’s emigration and a dream story about the power of great art.”—Publishers Weekly

“Pure eye candy…take a watercolor-y journey to Florence in this gorgeous debut book from Barbara DiLorenzo. A moving story about a little boy in Italy on the cusp of World War II and his plan to save his most beloved lion statue. When his family is forced to flee to New York, he leaves without knowing the fate of the lion. You’ll have to read it to find out if the lion survived the war.”—Red Tricycle

“With ravishing watercolor illustrations, it combines history and magical realism in a way that will entice the youngest readers…The story stands on its own as a wondrous story of family, love and escape… but it’s even better when used as a jumping-off point for a conversation about history and current events. The parallels to many of our own families’ immigration stories—and to the dangers facing today’s refugees—are hard to miss. What makes stories beautiful and exciting? Because without a doubt, Renato and the Lion is both. Don’t miss it.”—Tablet Magazine

“DiLorenzo’s beautiful watercolor paintings bring Renato and the Lion to life. This visually stunning story enchants as it gently educates. The emotional resonance evokes a timelessness that will charm children with its quiet and heartfelt message.”—Good Reads with Ronna blog

“The power of art and dreams come together in this wonderful historical picture book.”—Waking Brain Cells blog

“Gorgeous watercolor illustrations that will transport you right to Florence and a story that will tug at your heartstrings.”—A Foodie Bibliophile in Wanderlust blog

“I've been waiting for this book. The cover and concept had me hooked before I ever opened the cover. The gentle storytelling and expressive watercolors transport kids to another time and place.”—Bookish Ambition blog


threeWINDSOR-HIGHTS HERALD - January 19, 2015
HIGHTSTOWN: Local artist brings library community room to life
Reading program leads to mural on wall
By Amy Batista
My library mural made it to our local paper!

WOLF LITERARY SERVICES - September 12, 2014
Announcement! By Adriann Ranta
Adriann announces the sale of my book, RENATO AND THE LION, to Tracy Gates at Viking Children's Books! My new bio page was also added to the website.

SCBWI - March/April 2014
Bulletin - News & Notes By Stephen Mooser
This write-up mentions my runner-up design in the SCBWI Metro NYC Logo Contest, as well as grand prize win in the first Atlantic Avenue BID Children's Literature Contest.

ATLANTIC AVENUE BID - December, 2013
Statement on Winning the Children's Literature Contest
This piece explains the focus of my story, "Atlantic Avenue Dragon"–and what winning the contest meant after years of struggling to write/illustrate.

PINGREE - December, 2013
Video for Proudly Pingree
Eleven minutes into this video, I pop up to talk about the Pingree School. This video was shot in my old apartment on East 78th street in New York City.

DNAINFO NEW YORK - December, 2013
Article for DNAinfo New York By Nikhita Venugopal
This article highlights the finalists for the Atlantic Avenue BID Children's Literature Contest, and my story, "Atlantic Avenue Dragon."

Kathy has generously included me in her blog several times since 2012, including a feature on Illustration Saturday. The list of these articles can be found here.

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